Monday, February 5, 2018

Elm Street Quilt February OMG: Another Baby Quilt

I had hopes of using EQ7 to give you all an idea of the sew and slice quilt I want to make for my next baby quilt.  Unfortunately, the program is not behaving.  Laying fabric on the living room floor is easier and viewing the results in photos has made the process of determining the fabrics and the order painless.  Why did I spend hours with EQ?
Sew and Slice Baby Quilt for February Elm Street Quilts OMG
The inspiration for this quilt was from one I saw on Pinterest:  Sew and Slice Quilt.  Since I don't have enough fabric for the inserted section, there will be a Dr. Seuss block added to expand it.  There will be sashing to frame like the sample.  My goal is to get this top done this month around a trip to see the grands this month.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Elm Street Quilts January Finish: Quilt Opening

Elm Street Quilts January Finish
The quilt was finished and off to the shower just in the nick of time. I am not a whiz with the binding method I chose but it is practical for baby quilts and the simple quilt needed a little extra color.

The label was the real road block.  One of my New Year's resolutions for the last few years since EQ Stitch came out as an add-on for EQ Quilt has been to learn to use it.  This year and this quilt became my mantra.

The program is really quite easy and there are instructional videos by the author of the EQ workbook on YouTube so I had no trouble selecting the lettering process and giving it a test run.  While I managed to produce a label with rather small lettering with serifs, I discovered that block lettering on a larger scale is probably the best use of the program along with appliques and simple shapes.

Discovering that I can't use computer fonts for the smaller lettering in a signature on a quilt label was a disappointment.  It seems that only expensive digitizing software handle this task and for just a quilt label, I will be satisfied with my ancient version of Embird editing software and the three fonts I purchased for lettering.

With lettering off the list, I still want to learn the other functions of EQ Stitch.  A cute applique would be fun to add to a quilt label.  Maybe next time.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Elm Street Quilts January 2018 Link-up: ASAP

The binding is ready, the quilt is sitting accordion folded on the table, and the baby shower is scheduled for this month.  Let's finish this quilt!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

December Elm Street Quilts OMG Link Up: Four and More

Elm Street Quilts December OMG: Complete the remaining two bowl cozies from a previously purchased kit
It was a simple goal, finish two more bowl cozies from the kit for four that I purchased at Craft Warehouse.  All four are done and ready for soup, our favorite winter meal, plus the additional two can be added to the gift drawer for giving in the coming year.

This month's Elm Street's OMG was quick and easy because other projects needed finishing for the holidays.  There were two coordinating pillows that went to one of the DiLs.

Three reading/travel pillows for the grands:

And a Craftsy class project that was a test run so I could help my niece if she found some instructions confusing or difficult.  Of course I couldn't help putting my own spin on the apron by adding some design details of my own. 
My apron has a gathered skirt with rounded corners, a yoke, ric-rac, and a larger than suggested pocket using the pattern piece from my favorite apron pattern.  Since I don't like apron strings at the back of my neck, the tie loops and knots in front.  There are new design features and alterations I want to try on my next version of this apron.

The apron class was a gift to my niece so she could refer back to the instructions when needed.  It will probably be my last Craftsy class.  They are no longer supporting the ChromeBook operating system and the app for the Android phone did not perform well for me.  Sometimes it would not load and if it did, it might lock up while I was trying to watch a video.  Also, the phone app would not allow me to slide the progress bar forward to a section of the video I needed to review.  It only would go back to repeat segments with their rewind option or when I tried to slide the video's progress bar forward. 

With my background in ed tech, I know it is challenging to keep up with all the popular operating systems and deliver classes smoothly but ChromeBook is one the most affordable operating systems available and the devices are highly portable because they are lighter than a laptop and can be the size of a tablet while offering a keyboard.  The battery is very efficient and holds a charge for long periods.  I find myself preferring the ChromeBook over our laptop and would buy one again.   

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fifteen and Counting

Thanks to my dear neighbor #15 has joined the collection of nativity sets.  This one is a vintage Italian set.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Seasonal Note

May the Eternal Light of Lights illuminate your heart and home!

Monday, December 4, 2017

December Elm Street Quilts OMG: More Please!

December Elm Street Quilts OMG:  Two More Bowl Cozies
Nearly two years ago, my neighbor gave me one bowl cozy to see if I liked using them.  Now, with a new chef in the kitchen we are eating more soup and we needed another bowl cozy. 

Yesterday, while roaming around Craft Warehouse with a 40% off coupon, I spotted kits for four bowl cozies.  The bright fall veggie print went so well with my near vintage set of Corelle Wild Flower dinnerware that I made that my discounted purchase and promptly came home and stitched up two along with three pillowcases that were kits on the clearance rack.

My Elm Street Quilts December OMG is to make up the other two bowl cozies from the kit and gift them for Christmas. 

Oh, BTW, my new chef, as of our 45th wedding anniversary on November 18th, is an Instant Pot Duo 8.  I thought I didn't need one but I am running the pot at least once if not 2 or 3 times a day.  We are vegan and cooking healthy soups with fresh ingredients is amazingly quick and easy and non-dairy yogurt is a cinch.  I don't know how I have survived without a pressure cooker of some sort all these years.  The fact that the Instant Pot series come with various programs, has made it the star over my other pots like the rice cooker and slow cooker.